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Affiliate Support

一、Brand promotion support:1493104772564885.jpg1.    Each year the implementation of four terminal theme promotion and large-scale promotional activities;2.   To establish the terminal image: promotional materials, brand materials, selling materials, gifts;3. Brand promotion of product video, after-sales video, terminal sales video and other promotional films;4.   To strengthen public network promotion, the company's website and mobile phone WeChat platform for propaganda;

二、Sales support:   1、The new dealer to help supportFranchisees can enjoy the decoration, opening and other subsidies, while enjoying from the site selection, assessment, decoration, training, opening and a series of 1 to 1 nanny-style support to help you and your team no worries.

2、Image supportExperienced store to create the atmosphere, simple terminal image, conduction "home", "shop" one of the culture and philosophy, so that customers in the pleasant shopping with the feeling of "home" warm and attribution. Headquarters has the industry's most outstanding store design team, to provide you with drawings design, decoration guidance, product loading, soft equipment, such as a full set of support.

3、Training supportHelp franchisees continue to strengthen the comprehensive strength, improve profitability, is De Beier has been doing things. The headquarters of the professional tutor to set up regional managers, distributors and Purchasing Guide team, from the brand marketing, project operations, product knowledge, team building, sales skills and other aspects of training, thus deepening the franchisee and franchisee communication The cohesion between business and headquarters.

4、Market supportFrom single-store single-brand activities to multi-brand alliance activities, from online and offline single-brand activities to online and offline multi-brand multi-regional linkage activities, always walk in the forefront of the market. Strong marketing team for the franchisee to provide no less than 7 years of large-scale activities of the planning, design and implementation with the terminal sales for you to build blocks.

5Marketing supportEach year the headquarters organized a national new conference, brand strategy, new listing, innovative technology, skills sales, feedback and other articles Cheats to teach to ensure that your market competitiveness.
6After-sales service supportChina Warranty after-sales service support, free home installation, maintenance.