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Company Culture


Core Values:Customer Oriented,Continuous Innovation,Integrity,Pragmatic,Team Spirit

  Customer-oriented:In the highly competitive business community, the interests of customers is always important, there is no customer no De Bell, our products, services should meet customer needs as a starting point, we must continue to create value for customers, customer satisfaction In order to survive in the business community and development. At the same time, we advocate the service customers also include internal service customers, the company's every colleague as their customers to work hard to achieve full understanding and cooperation.
 Continue to innovate:Innovation, including product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, innovation is the company's continued growth inexhaustible power and source, is the customer needs, industry competition is an inevitable requirement, but also the enthusiasm of the staff burst out of the inherent needs. Therefore, we should be the company's management, product development and production process to continue to innovate and improve; only through continuous research and innovation, to have the core competitiveness, it may become the industry leader.   Integrity and pragmatic:We advocate the "integrity" principle, the enterprise, the integrity is Founding of the country, to treat customers, we have to pay attention to credit, to fulfill our commitment to customers, can not be credible to customers, individuals, integrity is the conduct of the , Is the life of the treasure, is to guide employees to correctly handle all kinds of important moral principles, personal honesty, will be fair and impartial, impartial; pay attention to credit, will be able to observe compliance, win the trust of people, is able to properly To deal with the relationship between people and people, individuals and enterprises, customers, and society, we advocate the spirit of "pragmatism", that is, we should look at the future, pay attention to reality, advocate hard work, down to earth, we reject false, reject fantasy, against paper, despise , The pursuit of full and dynamic work.   Teamwork:We emphasize that employees should consciously agree with the responsibility and willing to work together for the company's goals. At the same time, we advocate collaboration is the basis of team spirit, work together, the realm of all members of the centripetal force, cohesion, reflects the individual interests and the overall interests of unity, and thus ensure the efficient operation of the organization.